Margin Memo #004: Hard times

Strong men are forged in hard times

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Strong men are forged in hard times.

And If we’re honest, we’re in (and heading deeper into) hard times.

There’s a war against our families.

There’s a war against our businesses.

And there’s a war against our freedoms.


You have something worth fighting for.

This week I had the privilege (as I do twice per year) to host 25 men that I care deeply about in Lake Tahoe for a mastermind event.

25 men.
All 7 & 8-figure entrepreneurs.
All family men.

I bring them together twice per year for the purpose of thinking big, solving problems, becoming better men at home, and better leaders in their businesses.

The common theme this trip?


The market isn’t favorable, employees are softer than ever, money is down, seemingly daily fights to protect their children from dangerous ideologies, a government that doesn’t care about preserving freedom, and a world that is increasingly telling them that they are wrong for being… strong men.

But there wasn’t a complaint in the room.

There was excitement, hope, strategy, collaboration, and grit.


Because when the game gets hard, weak men head for the “exit signs” while the real men, the winners, stay in the game.

They stay in the game because they have developed a conviction for their lives.

A conviction to show up and take ground.

Show up for their family.

Show up for their employees.

Show up for their faith.

Show up for their dreams.

and show up for themselves.

And for those of you who have this conviction to show up in hard times, you will be rewarded…

… you’ll be a strong man.

I look forward to linking arms with you, brother.

To your pursuit of Margin,
Joey Gilkey

P.S. Here’s an inside look of what it looks like to develop a brotherhood of men who have a spine and who show up for their families and businesses in hard times.