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TMM #006: Building Your Dream Life (and a life changing download)

The life I now live, I lived years ago in my morning alignment time...

Read Time: 8 min

NOTE: This is a long (and enjoyable) read, BUT there is also a free download of my “Morning Alignment” document/template in this memo. Don’t leave without it!

Well… today is going to probably be a favorite for some of you for three reasons:

  1. You get to see my beautiful shining face on video if you so choose to click the link to download the Morning Alignment document (keep reading to get this)

  2. We’re talking about building your dream life

  3. I’m going to be gifting you a tool that I built and have used for years now to help me design AND achieve my dream life

So without further adieu…

The Dream Life

I’m going to throw out a claim and I want you to sit with it before reading on…

If you don’t pursue your dream life, you will be handed the default life.

Sit with that…


Nobody hands out dreams, those are created and achieved.

If you fail to dream of and pursue action towards a dream life then you will be left with the default programming of 99% of human-beings.

Lacking purpose, unable to think for themselves, taking what’s handed to them, operating from a place of reaction, surviving, and wondering what life would have been like if [fill in the blank].

THEN maybe you get to retire when you’re old with a monthly installment (an allowance) from your government with maybe a tiny nest egg.

If you’re a subscriber of The Margin Memo, I refuse to allow you to accept that life.

But you have to first be willing to dream and push your boundaries on what you think you “deserve” or what you think you’re “capable of.”

So we dream.

The beautiful thing about the dream life is that only you can determine what that is.

Nobody else can tell you what it needs to be.

Questions you should be asking yourself:

▶︎ What do I want my relationships to look like?
▶︎ What do I want my money to look like?
▶︎ Where do I want to live?
▶︎ How do I want to live?
▶︎ What do I want my work to look like?
▶︎ Who do I want to influence?
▶︎ How do I want to be viewed by the people around me?
▶︎ How will my kids grow up?
▶︎ What will my kids grow up to be?

These are all questions that 99% of humans never truly ask themselves, or worse, these are the questions they dared to ask themselves at one point and then they stopped somewhere along the way and settled for what was given to them…

They gave up on the dream life.

But not you men.

Once you’ve asked these questions…

1) You have to continually ask them of yourself


2) You must put the dream into action

So, let’s talk about the action.

Training Your Brain

The challenge with dreaming is that you can get stuck dreaming and when you get stuck dreaming there will come a time where you will fail to dream at all because no fruit came from the dreams.

So, let’s talk about how to make dreams a reality…

I can nerd out on this stuff for hours, but for your sake I will keep this short.


Alright, let’s talk about your brain for a second.

Your brain is far more powerful than you think.

It’s complex, intelligent beyond our understanding, and works for us when we don’t even realize it.

There’s one specific part of the brain that will help you achieve this dream life…

Have you ever shopped for a car?

You researched different models, different price points, colors, trim, and the bells and whistles.

Then… you hit the road, going about your business, and you started seeing that very car everywhere.

Literally every 5 minutes you were passing a different version of it.

Did they just appear?

Was there a crazy deal down at the dealership where they offloaded their entire lot today?


Those cars were always there. This was just your brain highlighting what it deemed important for survival or for supporting your belief system.

In fact, your brain was fed 70,000-80,000 thoughts and decisions that day and it decided to only highlight a small percentage of those in your conscious brain (the one you’re aware of) and a handful of those thoughts and decisions were related to that car.

This part of your brain is called the Reticular Activating System.

The RAS’s entire existence is to operate like the bodyguard or filter to the rest of your brain.

Your brain burns calories (a lot of them) like everything else in your body, and thinking, processing, etc takes up a lot of energy.

As mentioned before, the average amount of thoughts that hit a brain in any given day is estimated to be 70,000-80,000… but your conscious brain would deplete all of your energy storehouse if you had to actually and consciously process each and every one of them.

So a small percentage get filtered in and the vast majority get filtered out (think about the hundreds of billboards you passed on that same day when you were driving - you remember none of them yet you saw and read most of them).

So, what does this have to do with building your dream life?

Well, if the Reticular Activating System’s job is to bring to the forefront of your mind and consciousness what it determines is important to you, then why would you not leverage that to get everything that you want? The dream life.

What if you could train your brain to…

… see opportunities that support your dream life?

… hear conversations in a crowded room that pertain to your goals or a deal you’re working on?

… make intuitive decisions on product/market fit for your next offer?

… know how to lead your marriage out of a downward spiral?

… make the right hires?

… invest in the best assets?

This isn’t some woo-woo, hyper spiritual, name it and claim it, energy crystal rubbing BS.

It’s understanding how your brain works and how the world works (and somehow in there… how God works).

So, how do we do it?

Hypnotic Rhythm

In one of Napoleon Hill’s lesser known books, “Outwitting the Devil,” Hill writes about a conversation he has with the devil - whether this convo was fictitious or not doesn’t really matter.

In this conversation, the devil talks about how he has captured the minds of 98% of the world and he talks about one of his most clever “schemes”. What he calls…

Hypnotic Rhythm.

Repetitive exposure to thoughts, habits, and ideas eventually ingrain themselves so deep into our psyche that they become our reality and we’ve been somewhat “hypnotized” into our lives.

This then informs the lens we look through, the beliefs we possess, and the paradigm we exist within.

And most (he claims, “the 98%”) live this glazed over life of fear, mediocrity, and enslavement.


The law of Hypnotic Rhythm can also be used for positive force.

Repetitive exposure to great thoughts, great habits, and great ideas have the opposite effect that the devil described in Hill’s book.

This is where the “train your brain” comes into play.

We have to dictate those thoughts, habits, and ideas.

We have to repetitively put them in front of ourselves.

We have to recite them, take hold of them, and make them our reality.

So, as promised… here’s the tool I use to do that.

Morning Alignment

For years now, I’ve trained my brain on the dream life that I wanted to live.

As you’ll hear me say in the breakdown video on the download page, “The life I now live, I lived years ago in my morning alignment time.”

Morning alignment is a time and a document that I use every morning.

It’s my training ground for my mind.

It’s where I dream, plan, see, hear, write, and live out my dream life.

It’s where I once had “Live on 50 acres” written along with a picture of beautiful rolling hills in east TN…

…and now I live on 70 acres that puts that picture to shame.

Morning alignment is not just a time where I think about the “things I want” or the “success I’ll have” but just as importantly, it’s about the “man I want to be” and the “principles I want to live by.”

It’s broken into the following sections:

▶︎ UPWARD ALIGNMENT - This is my centering with God.
▶︎ 5 GOALS - These are my 5 targets for the year.
▶︎ 5 QUESTIONS - These are the 5 questions I deem incredibly important in my life
▶︎ 5 ASSERTIONS - I think affirmations are a bit soft. I want to assert who I am.
▶︎ 5 PRINCIPLES - I live by these and I have to remind myself daily that I live by them.
▶︎ VISUAL CUES - I put pictures of things I want so I can train a different part of my brain
▶︎ THEATER OF THE MIND - This is where I spend time in silence picturing and experiencing having all of this in my mind.

And here is the beautiful thing…

I’m not just giving you a copy of this document, but when you click the button below I will be giving you an 18-minute video of me breaking down all of MY personal sections in MY morning alignment time.

I get vulnerable with everything from my goals, finances, date nights, beliefs, principles, assertion, what I’m envisioning with my visual cues, and I even give you my Spotify playlist for your “theater of the mind” time 🤣 

Watch it, download it, edit it to your dream life, and view it every morning.

I hope it encourages you to go after your dreams.

And I hope you report back to me that you’ve been training your brain and that you’re seeing your dream life unfold before your eyes.

So, CLICK BELOW and download…

I’m grateful you’re here.

I’m excited you’re here.

To your pursuit of margin,
Joey Gilkey