I went silent... here's why

Hey team…

I’ve been silent now for going on 8-9 months.

If you recall, in my post about my Pendulum Philosophy I talked about swinging into and out of seasons.

Well I’ve been in a particular season (and staying there).

As some of you know, I’m not a content creator, I’m not an influencer, and I’m 100% not a guru.

I have nothing to monetize here so I did this out of a desire to share what I’ve learned on my journey.

I’m a CEO.

I have 105 employees.

I build companies (more specifically, a company) for a living.

There are a handful of times in your career (some have bigger handfuls than others) where you have an opportunity in your lap to build something that has the chance to be something truly special.

It requires you to sideline good (sometimes great) things for the sake of focusing.

Sharran Shrivatsaa talks about “Singularity of Focus” a lot.

The general premise is that you have one singular big focus.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that you say no to everything but it means that the singularity of focus becomes your lens….

A lens that you look and make decisions through.

When faced with decisions, actions, projects, opportunities you slide the lens in front of your eyes and ask one simple question:

Does this decision/project/opportunity contribute to or take from my singularity of focus?

If the answer is NO, then it’s an automatic NO.

If it’s a YES, then you have another series of questions you ask about how important it is, should it be prioritized, when should it get done, and by whom should it be done by?

I truly believe I’m building a $1b company right now.

It’s my singularity of focus.


Twitter? NO
Margin Memo? NO
Content outside of this company? NO
Coaching? NO (hate it anyways)
My mastermind that spins off $250k in income per year for 1 hour per week of work? NO

I genuinely appreciate all of your attention over the last year or so.

It’s been a fun ride and I’ve enjoyed all of your feedback on the Morning Alignment, Pendulum Philosophy, Investing Thesis (Buckets), etc.

But I’m focused… living out MARGIN